May 24-26, 2017 in Warsaw, Poland

Lightning Talks

Every year, Front-Trends holds lightning talks where attendees can share their ideas, projects and inspiration with others in a quick and fun format. All lightning talks are recorded and available on the Front-Trends YouTube channel after the event.

Why Give a Lightning Talk?

If you’re a novice speaker, lightning talks are a great opportunity to start on a path to become a professional conference speaker. Many events require applications with links to your previous talks, so the Front-Trends stage (and recording) is a great way to demonstrate your speaking abilities. Giving a lightning talk at an international, well-recognized conference is an invaluable speaking experience.

If you’ve got something exciting to share, lightning talks are also a great way of letting people know about any novel projects you’re working on. Share your experiences, showcase new toolsets, or inspire the audience with imaginative work.

The Do's

  • Make it quick. You have 5 minutes to deliver your talk. Use the first minute to get to the point. Focus on the idea, skip the details.
  • Practice with a timer. It’s okay to wrap up after 2 or 3 minutes, but you don’t want to run over 5 minutes.
  • Answer questions after the entire lightning talk session. Stay in a designated area after your talk, so that people can easily find you. You won’t be able to take any questions on the stage.


  • No live-coding, no live demos. If you need to, prepare an offline screencast sequence for any coding or online content you’d like to show during your talk. You won’t be using your laptop nor will you have reliable internet.
  • No sales pitches. Know the difference between pure information and advertising products or services.
  • Don’t squeeze. Trying to pack your 20 or 30-minute talk in a 5-minute slot won’t work. Choose one idea and focus on delivery.


  • Your presentation should be a single PDF file, 1920 × 1080 px recommended resolution.
  • Each slot is 5 minutes. During the presentation, we will display the remaining time. Please plan accordingly.
  • You’ll have a headset microphone, a preview screen for your slides, and a stage sound monitor.

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