We are Chilid. 23 warriors in a web agency that confronts user-centric design with bespoke front-end development. Curiosity and the pursuit of making things better moves us forward where the user is our king, not a client. We focus on making high-quality products based on the latest web and mobile standards. React, Angular and other modern web-like stuff are our bread and butter. We are agile. Precision in the internal Scrum processes enables efficiency, while communication opens the door to success. We operate globally. From Asia to the United States, we build great things in the name of a better web.

What makes us much more different, is that we are extraordinary siblings with a sister company. 7 years ago, we opened Chilid next to XSolve. Under one roof, in joint projects, we scrub our two worlds together in the name of better products. This is creativity without compromise. This is front-end touched from all perspectives, without limits.